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Eye Doctor in Matamoras, PA

The optometrists at The Optical Center recommend eye exams every two years for adults and annually for contact lens wearers. Regular eye exams allow eye doctors to track changes in vision, update prescriptions, and detect other health conditions.


Top Reasons To See An Eye Doctor

Imagine going through daily life—driving, working, exercising, watching TV—without visual clarity. You could be doing so right now if you haven't had your annual or bi-annual eye exam. Stay up-to-date with your visits and prescription to keep your vision sharp.


Some conditions, such as chronic headaches, may be managed with routine eye care. In addition, many potentially serious conditions can be detected by eye exams. In fact, your eye doctor can detect the early stages of some diseases such as diabetes and hypertension.


Children and teens also need regular exams. Kids should have an appointment at six months, three years, and before starting school to prevent problematic eye issues, as well as every two years following. Myopia, or nearsightedness, can often develop later on in childhood or adolescence.


Common Eye Problems

At The Optical Center, patients feel comfortable in our state-of-the-art clinic. Our compassionate care and advanced technologies allow us to diagnose and treat several common eye conditions, including:

- Presbyopia – Difficulty seeing at close range

- Glaucoma – A build-up of pressure in the eye that can potentially damage the optic nerve

- Cataracts – Cloudy areas within the eyelid

- Corneal Diseases – Symptoms include eye redness, pain, watery eyes, reduced vision, or a halo effect


There are many other eye problems, ranging from minor to acute. You should never neglect your sight. Visit the Optical Center today.