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At The Optical Center, our team can help you make the right impression with the right eyeglasses. Our skilled optometrists diagnose vision problems in patients of all ages, and then our team can help each patient narrow down their eyeglass frame and lens design options, offering professional advice for the perfect fit.


Choosing the Perfect Eyeglasses

Instead of trying on every pair of specs in the store, a qualified professional in our optical center can help you determine the best design for your face. Ideally, glasses should highlight a positive physical attribute, such as the color of the eyes. Frame size should be in scale with the size of the face, and the shape of the lenses should contrast the facial shape. Your natural coloring, including hair, eye, and skin tone, can also have an impact on the best style for your face. Those with cool undertones often look great with black, brown, gray, magenta, or blue frames. Those with warm undertones might prefer gold, copper, orange, coral, red, or off-white eyeglasses. No matter your preferences, we have over 3,000 eyeglass frames on display, and you're sure to find the perfect pair.


Caring For Your Eyeglasses

To keep your new eyeglasses scratch- and smudge-free, clean them with plain water, and then dry them with a soft cloth. Never use anything scratchy such as a paper towel or a napkin. Air-drying is the best option if time allows.


Handling and storage are other important aspects of care. To avoid bending, grasp the frame at the bridge. Always place specs in a case when not wearing them.


If you need help finding the perfect pair of eyeglasses, consult the experts at The Optical Center. Our doctors can also help diagnose and treat many vision problems. Schedule an appointment today!